Who Lives At No 11 Coronation Street?

Is Coronation Street real houses?

The current set, brought into use in 2013, is based at the ITV Trafford Wharf Studios backlot, MediaCityUK in Trafford.

As of 2020, it consists of early 20th-century terraced houses, with a public house, The Rovers Return, at one end, and a corner shop at the other..

How did Judy Mallett died in Coronation Street?

pulmonary embolismOn 25 December 1998, she gives birth to Rebecca and William Mallett. Nine months later, Judy collapses in the backyard and dies after suffering a pulmonary embolism caused by injuries sustained in a road accident caused by Terry Duckworth (Nigel Pivaro).

Do they drink real alcohol on Coronation Street?

Tthe actors on Coronation Street aren’t really drinking real alcohol on the job, right? Actually, the beer served at Rovers is a very weak shandy that’s diluted with lemonade. … The lime juice makes the drink look like it has the same consistency as a G&T.

How much are tickets for Coronation Street?

The ticket which includes a fully guided tour of the famous set will set you back £35 – and children between 5-15 years can enjoy the festivities too with a half price ticket at £17.50.

Is Coronation Street set open to the public?

Corrie fans can follow in their favourite characters’ footsteps and explore the cobbled streets of Weatherfield on a dedicated Coronation Street tour . However with filming taking place daily, it’s not always open to the public – but the good news is that for spring 2018 you’ll be able to take a tour on selected dates.

Who lives at No 13 Coronation Street?

No. 13, afterall he did inherit it from Hilda back in 1987 and I always thought it was a shame that he swapped it with the Peacocks back in 2008. He lives here with girlfriend Anna Windass, his son Jack and Anna’s adopted daughter Faye.

Where does everyone in Corrie live?

WeatherfieldTypeTownLocationGreater ManchesterNotable locationsCoronation Street Rovers Return InnNotable charactersCoronation Street characters5 more rows

Why did Sally and Kevin break up?

They divorce in 1999 and Kevin refuses to allow Sally to take the girls back to live with her. … He ends the relationship when he realises that he is still in love with Sally and disrupts her wedding to Danny Hargreaves, telling him that he and Sally had a one night stand the night before he married Alison.

How many bedrooms do the houses in Coronation Street have?

Each of the seven houses in Albert Street consisted of a front room, a living/dining room with a coal fire for heating and an adjoining scullery on the ground floors and three bedrooms on the upper floors.

What happened Percy Sugden?

Percy Sugden was the resident caretaker of the Community Centre from 1983 to 1988. Following his forced retirement, he moved into 3 Coronation Street as Emily Bishop’s lodger and stayed until 1997. Percy became a widower upon the passing of his wife Mary in 1978. They had no children together.

Who lives at No 6 Coronation Street?

6 Coronation Street is the middle house of the new terraces in Coronation Street, located between the 4 and 8 Coronation Street, currently occupied by Geoff and Yasmeen Metcalfe.

Who lives at No 9 Coronation Street?

Tyrone DobbsNo. 9 is currently home to Tyrone Dobbs, his daughter Ruby Dobbs, Fiz Stape and her daughter Hope Stape. Tyrone had been Jack and Vera Duckworth’s lodger when they owned the house.