Who Kills Silas?

What episode do they kill Silas?

Death and the MaidenDeath and the Maiden (The Vampire Diaries)”Death and the Maiden”The Vampire Diaries episodeEpisode no.Season 5 Episode 7Directed byLeslie LibmanWritten byRebecca Sonnenshine8 more rows.

Does Silas kill Jeremy?

Silas drained Jeremy’s blood and broke his neck (just for good measure) and because he was a Hunter at this point, the Gilbert Ring couldn’t save him, even from a supernatural death (it only works its mojo for humans). … Jeremy was really gone until Bonnie decided to sacrifice her own life to bring him back.

Is Stefan Silas doppelganger?

There are only two doppelgänger “lines” that rippled throughout history, colloquially known as the Salvatore and Petrova doppelgängers. Stefan Salvatore and Tom Avery are Silas’ doppelgängers while Tatia, Katerina Petrova and Elena Gilbert are Amara’s.

Who is stronger than Silas?

KlausPhysically, Klaus is more powerful than Silas. Silas’s physical strength is equal or less than that of the Supernatural Hunters of the Brotherhood of the Five but the rest of his physical attributes, including his strength, are inferior to vampires, including hybrids and Original vampires.

Is Amara a doppelganger?

Silas called Amara Elena’s doppelgänger, even though Amara wasn’t actually a true doppelgänger in the supernatural sense of the word like Tatia, Katherine and Elena were; Amara was the progenitor of their doppelgänger line.

How is Silas defeated?

Amara told him that she wanted to die and Silas understood her decision. As Silas was cutting Amara’s throat, Stefan intervened and they had a fight and he dropped his knife. Stefan threw the knife into Silas’ chest, killing him.

Why did Amara kill Silas?

Silas was in love with another woman and left Qetsiyah at the altar. … When Qetsiyah found out, she created a cure for immortality, found Amara, gave her the cure and then killed her. She then gave Silas a second chance to take the cure and give up his immortality so they could live long human lives together.

Is Silas stronger than Klaus?

Klaus is far more powerful than Silas because he’s physically the second most powerful thing walking the planet (behind the Beast of the prophecy). Silas wasn’t even as strong as a vampire, he’s barely stronger than a human.

Why did Elena kill Kol?

Elena informs Bonnie that she wants Jeremy to kill Kol, because she believes that if he kills him then all of Kol’s sire line will die and all of the vampires they turned will also die. Making it so that thousands of vampires die at once, thus causing Jeremy to complete the hunters mark.

Why didn’t Silas get the hunter’s curse?

As Silas received the curse after Jeremy’s Mark freed him, this further backs up Vaughn’s theory. … The curse is not invoked if the Hunter in question is already dead and happens to be a ghost. Both Stefan and Alaric killed Vaughn’s ghost without the curse reactivating.

Did Elijah really kill Tatia?

Tatia was killed by Elijah but Esther took the blame to save her son the pain of knowing what he had done. However, Esther later used this information against Elijah to guilt him into rejoining their family. Elijah and Klaus both hated Esther because they thought she killed Tatia.

How is Silas the first vampire?

Silas is NOT a vampire. … He needs blood to keep him alive/active but he is not a vampire. The Originals (Mikaelsons) are the First Vampires. They were created by a spell cast by their very powerful witch mother, Ester (at the request of their father, Mikael).

Is Stefan A Silas?

Distant Family, Former Enemies, They are from the same family line (Silas is Stefan’s ancestor), Stefan is one of Silas’ many doppelgängers; Silas locked Stefan in a safe for months and pretended to be him, Stefan killed Silas after he took the Cure.

Does Tyler die?

Tyler seemingly dies after succeeding in his mission to extract Ovi (Rudraksh Jaiswal), but the last shot of the movie sees Ovi emerging from a pool and realizing he’s been watched by a mysterious figure.

Why does Shane want Silas?

Free Silas – Shane wanted to free Silas so that he could resurrect his family and Hayley’s parents as he promised her.

Is Silas a vampire?

Technically Silas is a vampire, he needs blood to survive and he dessicated in a tomb for 2,000 years. … They refer to Silas as the first Immortal, neglecting the fact that he may be just the real Original vampire with all the benefits and none of the weaknesses.

Is Silas death Vampire Diaries?

By the end of The Vampire Diaries season 5, Silas gets his wish of dying alongside Amara after Stefan fatally stabs him and Amara then kills herself. But because he didn’t destroy the Other Side in time, Silas is sent there after dying while Amara goes to regular human afterlife.

Is Amara really God’s sister?

Amara is the embodiment of the Darkness; God’s sister. When God decided to implement Creation, He along with the archangels sacrificed the Darkness, tricking it into being locked away in a prison rather than destroying her and disrupting the Cosmic Balance.