Who Is Nintendo Owned By?

What company owns Nintendo?

Consoles such as NES, Game Boy, Wii, Nintendo DS, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch are constantly setting new industry standards.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Nintendo Co., Ltd., Nintendo of Europe (based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany) was established in 1990 and handles Nintendo’s operations in Europe..

Who is the owner of Nintendo 2020?

Tatsumi KimishimaTatsumi KimishimaBornApril 21, 1950 Tokyo, JapanNationalityJapaneseAlma materHitotsubashi University8 more rows

Is Nintendo privately owned?

Is Nintendo Publicly Traded? Yes, Nintendo is a publicly traded company. The other two members of The Pokémon Company joint company, GAME FREAK and Creatures, are privately held. Ordinary stock shares are only traded via the Tokyo stock exchange and Osaka stock exchange.

Who is the Nintendo CEO?

Shuntaro Furukawa (Jun 28, 2018–)Nintendo/CEO