What Does Even Now Mean?

What is the meaning of even out?


(adverb) to make or become even, as by the removal of bumps, inequalities, etcthe land evens out beyond that rise..

What does up until now mean?

up until now: previously, before this moment, in the past. adverb. Up until now, I had not had any problems with the computer, but it has just stopped working.

What does while mean?

period of time1 : a period of time especially when short and marked by the occurrence of an action or a condition : time stay here for a while. 2 : the time and effort used (as in the performance of an action) : trouble worth your while. while. conjunction.

What does even mean in a text?

People say this when that are fusturated, annoyed, or confused. People say this when that are fusturated, annoyed, or confused. See a translation.

What is the meaning of intensively?

: of, relating to, or marked by intensity or intensification: such as. a : highly concentrated intensive study. b : tending to strengthen or increase especially : tending to give force or emphasis intensive adverb.

What does even as mean?

: at the same time as They are finishing the job even as we speak.

How do you use even now?

Use “even now” in a sentence | “even now” sentence examplesI’ve thought about it so much, but even now I can’t believe how lucky I was to survive the accident.Even now in her sixties, she is the epitome of French elegance.The troops are even now preparing to march into the city.More items…•

What does yet mean?

Use yet in a sentence. adverb. Yet means at this time, up to now or at a future time. An example of yet is someone not getting to take a walk before dark, such as “It is dark but he has not taken his walk yet.”

What is the difference between even though and even if?

“Even though” is used when something is always done or a fact is mentioned. “Even when” is used when something is occasionally done. “Even if” is used when something is rarely done or just imagined.

How do you use even then in a sentence?

Even then he would not admit his mistake.Even then she would not admit her mistake.I explained everything, but even then he didn’t understand.They invested in new machinery and equipment, but even then the business was still losing money.Even then, she continued to speak out at rallies around the country.More items…•

What does evened mean?

verb. evened; evening\ ˈēv-​niŋ , ˈē-​və-​ \ Definition of even (Entry 3 of 4) transitive verb. : to make even.

What does even the score mean?

1 : to get enough points, goals, runs, etc., to have the same score as one’s opponent : to tie the score in a game They evened the score at 5–5. 2 : to harm or punish someone who caused one harm.