Quick Answer: What Is A Given Example?

What is an example of known?

The definition of known is something of which people are aware.

An example of known used as an adjective is in the phrase, “AIDS known causes,” which means the causes of AIDS of which people know..

Was given is correct?

“I was given” is perfectly correct. As in “I was given an award for most original painting”.

How do you use given that?

Given-that sentence examplesReally useful, given that Xander is a master at messing with people’s minds. … She hadn’t been given that much consideration. … He was puzzled by the question given that she had written most of the plans.More items…

What kind of verb is known?

verb. past participle of know1.

What is another word for given?

Given Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for given?inclinedpronedisposedlikelypredisposedinuredtendingaddictedobsessedin the habit of53 more rows

Is it giving or given?

Giving is a present tense of give whereas given is the past participle of give. Giving is an act of charity or generosity whereas given also stands for inclined or being prone to. Given is confused with giving as both have a similar pronunciation. Given also refers to a fixed quantity or a specific time.

What should I say instead of due?

What is another word for due to?becausefor the sake ofon account offoras a result ofin view ofon behalf ofoverowing tothanks to10 more rows

What’s another word for provided?

What is another word for provided?broughtcontributeddeliveredsuppliedgavepresentedarrangedcateredimpartedoffered148 more rows

What type of word is know?

verb (used without object), knew, known, know·ing. to have knowledge or clear and certain perception, as of fact or truth. to be cognizant or aware, as of some fact, circumstance, or occurrence; have information, as about something.

What does it’s a given mean?

This means that there are no ifs or ands ot buts about something; it’s a sure thing.

How do you use given the fact?

given the fact (that)/in view of the fact (that) (=used when saying that a particular fact influences your judgment about something or someone) Given the fact that this is their first game, I think they did pretty well.

What’s another word for gifted?

Gifted Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for gifted?talentedbrilliantpolishedproficientadeptaptbrightdeftgeniusperceptive231 more rows

How do you use given in a sentence?

Given in a Sentence 🔉The boy was given a used car as a 16th birthday present. … Although he was given a ticket by the police officer, the driver didn’t stop speeding. … I now have the diamond ring that was given to my grandmother on her wedding day. … Given a chance to compete, Carlos was sure he’d win first place.More items…

What is a investigate?

transitive verb. : to observe or study by close examination and systematic inquiry. intransitive verb. : to make a systematic examination especially : to conduct an official inquiry.