Quick Answer: What Does BBS Mean In A Relationship?

What does GGG mean?

good, giving, and gameGGG is a term coined by sex columnist Dan Savage to represent the qualities that he thinks makes a good sexual partner.

GGG stands for “good, giving, and game.” Think “good in bed,” “giving of equal time and equal pleasure,” and “game for anything—within reason.”.

What does BBS stand for in safety?

Behavior-based safetyBehavior-based safety (BBS) is the “application of science of behavior change to real world safety problems”. or “A process that creates a safety partnership between management and employees that continually focuses people’s attentions and actions on theirs, and others, daily safety behavior.” BBS “focuses on what …

What does DDD mean sexually?

direct distance dialtriple D (breast size) triple D (breast size) is used in Sexual Acronym. The word ddd is used in Acronym, Telephone, Sexual meaning direct distance dial,triple D (breast size)

What does SM mean sexually?

S&M is defined as sadism and masochism which is a practice of taking or causing abuse during sex. An example of S&M is one partner whipping another during intercourse. YourDictionary definition and usage example.

How do you implement BBS?

8 Steps to Building a Successful Behavior Based Safety ProgramStep 1: Secure Buy-In and Pick Your Behavior Based Safety Team. … Step 3: Create a Critical Behavior Checklist. … Step 4: Track and Measure Behavior. … Step 5: Conduct Behavioral Observations. … Step 6: Give Feedback. … Step 8: Measure Success and Continuously Improve.

Can I call my boyfriend BB?

You might call your boyfriend “baby daddy” if you’re pregnant with his baby or if you already have kids with him.

What does BB girl mean?

It literally means “baby girl,” with flirty connotations. You don’t say “bb boy,” because bb/baby/babe is feminine. It literally means “baby girl,” with flirty connotations.

What is BBS program?

Behavior-Based Safety is a program used to inform employees of their overall safety performance. It was founded on the belief that workers can be motivated to behave safely through the use of positive reinforcement. BBS focuses on the actions and behaviors of individual employees.

What is a BBS observation?

The Basics of an Observation When implementing a BBS program, observers (employees trained to conduct on-site safety reviews) conduct reviews of other employees with an eye on their behavior. These observers record safe and unsafe behaviors, in addition to noting safe and unsafe workplace conditions.

What does Greek mean in sexually?

‘Greek love’ is sometimes used to refer to anal intercourse, and nowadays even, ‘doing it the Greek way’ still describes anal intercourse.

What does BB mean in text from a guy?

In text messages and online, bb can be short for baby, especially as it’s used as a term of endearment for significant others or friends.it could also mean big brother. … In text messages and online, bb can be short for baby, especially as it’s used as a term of endearment for significant others or friends.

What does go around the world mean sexually?

: the action of orally stimulating many parts of the body for sexual gratification.

What is a female spinner?

a petite female. Origin: a woman small enough that she can be spun around while on top of a man during sex. The girl I hooked up with last night was a spinner.

Why do guys call you baby when you’re not dating?

When you are the guy’s girlfriend and he is calling you baby instead of your real name, it means just one thing. That he really loves you deeply and he is trying to show you and the world that he loves you and that you are his girlfriend and his love.

What does BBS slang mean?

Be Back Soon”Be Back Soon.” The abbreviation BBS is typically used in online and text-based communications to mean “Be Back Soon,” to indicate that the sender will be away for a short amount of time. BBS contrasts with BBL (Be Back Later), which suggests a break of up to a few hours.