Quick Answer: Is Airtel Xstream Box Worth It?

How do I watch Netflix on Airtel xstream?

Offer Activation: Go to My Airtel App and click on the Netflix card within the Thanks page.

You can also claim this offer from Airtel Xstream App by clicking on the Netflix card.


After the first 3 months are over For first time Netflix users, monthly charge of Netflix will be billed with postpaid connection..

What is Airtel xstream WIFI?

Airtel Wifi Plans Pick our newly launched wifi plans which gives superfast speed upto 1GBPS for your home, stay speedy, always-on connectivity without network problems. Wifi router is FREE with any Airtel wifi plans. One such router is fixed in your home, as part of your unlimited home Wi-Fi plan.

Does Airtel xstream use data?

What you get with the Airtel Xstream VIP broadband plan is unlimited data usage every month with speeds up to 1Gbps. This plan makes Airtel one of the few broadband service providers in India to offers a 1Gbps broadband plan.

Does Airtel xstream box need dish?

It also supports streaming in 4K. Next up, is the Airtel Xstream Stick, which offers most of the features of the Airtel Xstream Box, without access to DTH channels.

Does Airtel xstream box work without recharge?

k2max6. Update – The Xstream box is working even without balance/ account suspended state. i.e all the OTT content including xstream content and the box features are accessible except for the DTH channels ofcourse.

Is Airtel xstream box free with broadband?

Airtel is offering the Xstream Box to its broadband customers at a refundable security deposit of Rs. 1,500. The new development comes just a couple of months after the telco provided its Android-based set-top box (STB) to One Airtel plan subscribers under a complimentary offer.

Does Airtel xstream need smart TV?

The Airtel Xstream stick is essentially an Airtel branded Chromecast-like product with the additional benefit of a bundle of streaming services thrown in for free, at least initially. It does turn a normal TV into an Android smart TV, and that in itself is a good enough reason to buy.

What is the price of Airtel xstream box?

Airtel Xstream Box with 1 Month HD Sports PackM.R.P.:₹ 3,999.00Price:₹ 3,949.00 FREE Delivery.You Save:₹ 50.00 (1%)Inclusive of all taxes

Is Airtel xstream box good?

Access to Airtel XStream is priced at Rs. 999 per year, with the first month offered for free; we felt that this is great value for what’s on offer here. We quite liked the collection of content, with the large number of supported platforms ensuring plenty of quality and variety across languages and genres.

Does Airtel xstream support normal TV?

Airtel XStream Box is compatible with all types of TVs including 4K, HD on LED, LCD, or plasma technology as it supports HDMI output. It can also be connected to older TV sets over Audio, video cable. Additionally it also has output to connect to Home theatre that work on Optic cable.

Which is better Amazon Fire Stick or Airtel xstream?

Both have their own advantage over the other, and can convert your standard non-Smart TV to a Smart TV. That said, the Airtel’s smart Xstream Stick has an edge over Amazon’s Fire TV Stick with Google Play store. Also, its user interface is fairly fast and I liked it over the Fire TV Stick.

Is Netflix free with Airtel xstream box?

Airtel has stopped offering Netflix free as part of its Xstream broadband services. Airtel is no longer offering free Netflix subscription as part of its Xstream Fiber broadband plans and a similar offer for its postpaid mobile users has also ended.