Quick Answer: Do All Toilet Seats Attach The Same?

Is leaving pee in the toilet bad?

“Urine is normally sterile as a body fluid.

Even if you have a urinary tract infection with bacteria in your urine it would be inactivated with the chlorine levels in the public water supply,” he said.

“So there’s really no known disease transmission with urine left un-flushed in the toilet.” Dr..

Are plastic or wood toilet seats better?

Material Toilet seats are typically made of either plastic or wood, and there are pros and cons to each material. Plastic seats tend to be lighter and have a longer lifespan, while wooden seats are sturdy and heavier. Many people also think wooden toilet seats add a touch of luxury to the bathroom.

Why would I want an elongated toilet bowl?

The elongated shape in some brands has less of a crevice around the underside of the bowl, which makes it easier to get a cleaning brush into. The longer shape also makes it simpler to see into the front interior of the bowl, which can help you keep it clean more easily as well.

How do I know what toilet seat will fit my toilet?

Measure the length of the bowl from between the seat bolts to the outside edge of the front of the bowl. If you have a round bowl, this dimension should be about 16.5 inches. If you have an elongated bowl, the measurement should be around 18 to 18.5 inches.

Do toilet seats have different sizes?

Toilet seats don’t come in sizes, but they do come in two different shapes: round toilet seats and elongated toilet seats, each of which correspond to two different toilet bowl shapes. … Elongated toilet seats are becoming more popular, and they have a long oval shape.

How do you replace a toilet seat with no access underside?

The procedures to tighten the toilet seatStep 1: Exam the toilet closely one again. For the majority of the cases, your toilet probably did have holes for underside access. … Step 2: Re – align the seat. … Step 3: Tighten the bolts. … Step 4: Check the tension and close the lid.

How do I tighten a toilet seat?

How to Tighten a Loose Toilet SeatSome toilet seat bolts are exposed, but most just have a plastic flap that snaps closed to cover them. … If the bolts have slotted heads, then tighten them by turning clockwise with a screwdriver until they are tight. … If necessary, you can tighten the mounting nut from underneath.

Is it OK to put bleach in toilet?

Clean and disinfect your toilet bowl with 1/2 cup chlorine bleach. Pour it into the bowl, and let it stand for ten minutes. Then scrub with the toilet brush and flush. … Caution: Never combine bleach with toilet-bowl cleaners; the mix can release toxic gases.

Which is better round or elongated toilet?

Most people find elongated toilet bowls to be more comfortable, but in a small bathroom, a round bowl can save space. Elongated toilet bowls measure up to 31″ from the wall, while round fixtures max out at 28″. Because round bowls are less expensive than elongated bowls, they save a few dollars, too.

What tools are needed to replace a toilet seat?

Things You’ll NeedToilet seat.Flathead screwdriver.Wrench or adjustable pliers.Spray oil.Small hacksaw.

How often should you change your toilet seat?

Toilet seats don’t come with expiration dates, and it’s really tough to find clear information on when to replace them. But don’t worry, if you want to know how long toilet seats last, then here’s the short answer: Toilet seats will generally last for 5 or more years.

How do you remove a no visible toilet seat bolt?

After removing the caps, you can now see the top side of the bolt that is holding the seat in place. Under the toilet, you will find bolts that stick out. These bolts are tightened by wingnuts. Use the pliers to keep the nuts steady and then use your screwdriver to unscrew the bolt.

Can an elongated toilet replace a round toilet?

An elongated toilet seat will technically fit on a round toilet, but the fit and comfort may be compromised. An elongated toilet seat will likely overhang a round toilet which may be fine unless the rim of the toilet is visible within the opening of the toilet seat.

How do I know if my toilet seat is round or elongated?

To determine if your toilet is round front or elongated, measure the distance between the center of the bolt holes(A) (which connect the seat to the bowl) out to the front rim of the toilet(B). If it measures approximately 16 1/2″ your toilet is a round front.

What are toilet dimensions?

Standard toilet dimensions are typically between 28–30″ deep, roughly 20″ wide, between 27–32″ high, and have a rough-in between 10–14″. Now you can find the perfect toilet.

How do toilet seats attach?

Most toilet seats are attached to the toilet with fittings held together by two bolts, which are usually hidden by 2 plastic caps at the back of the loo seat itself. Use your flat head screwdriver to remove these protective caps (this may be harder for older seats which have sat there for some time).

Does Walmart have toilet seats?

Toilet Seats Only – Walmart.com.

How much does a new toilet seat cost?

The total price for labor and materials per seat is $133.78, coming in between $106.05 to $161.52. A typical 1 seat project costs $134….install a toilet seat national average cost.cost to install a toilet seatNational Average Cost$134Average Range$28.25 – $67.322 more rows

How do you remove top fix toilet seat fittings?

To remove ,the screw locates Into the nut ,one turn. Then press down on the screw. This pushes the coned nut down and releases the expansion / pressure. Then pull the whole thing upward ,with a wiggle, and out.

Which is the best toilet seat to buy?

The Best Toilet Seat on the Market of 2020BEMIS 1500EC 000 Toilet Seat (Budget Pick) … KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet Elongated White Toilet Seat (Our Top Pick) … TOTO SS154#01 Traditional SoftClose Elongated Toilet Seat. … Brondell L60-EB LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Elongated Toilet Seat (Upgrade Pick)More items…