Question: Who Made Des?

What was Des prescribed for?

What is DES.

Diethylstilbestrol (DES) is a synthetic form of the female hormone estrogen.

It was prescribed to pregnant women between 1940 and 1971 to prevent miscarriage, premature labor, and related complications of pregnancy (1)..

What is a DES baby?

DES Daughters are defined as women born between 1938 and 1971 who were exposed to DES before birth (in the womb). Research has confirmed that DES Daughters are at an increased risk for: Clear cell adenocarcinoma (CCA), a rare kind of vaginal and cervical cancer.

Is Des safe for dogs?

DES can be used to induce abortion (a “morning after” pill) in dogs but it is not as reliable as other abortion methods. DES is also sometimes used to treat some forms of prostate disease and to induce estrus. No side effects are expected at the doses of DES used to treat urinary incontinence.

Why is there concern about the use of diethylstilbestrol?

Women who were exposed to diethylstilbestrol in utero may have structural reproductive tract anomalies, an increased infertility rate, and poor pregnancy outcomes.

What drugs can I take to prevent miscarriage?

It has been suggested that some women who miscarry may not make enough progesterone in the early part of pregnancy. Supplementing these women with medications that act like progesterone (these are called progestogens) has been suggested as a possible way to prevent recurrent miscarriage.

Which isomer of diethylstilbestrol is more estrogenic?

Since the trans isomer is believed to be considerably more active biologically because of its structural similarity with estradiol, it appears that the observed appreciable activity of the cis-DES test solution is a consequence of the isomerization in vivo to the trans isomer.

Can I get pregnant with a T shaped uterus?

Prognosis. T-shaped uterus sufferers can bear children, however they carry a greater risk of complications, such as miscarriages, reduced fertility and preterm births, both before and after any treatment.

Is diethylstilbestrol still used today?

Many people who were exposed to DES as a fetus still don’t know it. Estrogens are still prescribed for some medical reasons, including to help treat some cancers, but they are no longer used during pregnancy. Other than in a rare clinical trial, DES is no longer available in the United States for use in humans.

What are the side effects of DES?

DES has been linked to a variety of long-term adverse effects, such as increased risk of vaginal clear-cell adenocarcinoma, vaginal adenosis, T-shaped uterus, uterine fibroids, cervical weakness, breast cancer, infertility, hypogonadism, intersex defects, depression, and others, in women who were treated with it during …

What does Des stand for medical?

List of medical abbreviations: DAbbreviationMeaningDDxdifferential diagnosisD&Edilatation and evacuationDESdiethylstilbestrol Drug-eluting stentDEXADual energy X-ray absorptiometry110 more rows

What is clear cell adenocarcinoma?

Clear cell adenocarcinoma (CCA) of the vagina and cervix (Figure 2), is a very rare cancer that occurs more frequently in women exposed to DES in utero (DES Daughters) than in unexposed women.

When was Des taken off the market?

In 1953, published research showed that DES did not prevent miscarriages or premature births. However, DES continued to be prescribed until 1971. In that year, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a Drug Bulletin advising physicians to stop prescribing DES to pregnant women.