Question: What Depict Means?

What is the synonyms of depict?

depictdescribe, detail, relate, narrate, recount, unfold.present, set forth, set out, outline, delineate, sketch, paint.represent, portray, characterize.record, chronicle..

How do you use depiction in a sentence?

Depiction in a Sentence 🔉The artist’s depiction of the French countryside was shown in his painting by drawing the actual hills and greenery in France. … Since people today were not alive hundreds of years ago, a drawing of Jesus is a mere depiction of him based on person’s research and thoughts.More items…

What is depicted content?

Image findability Classifying images based on depicted content means considering anything and everything that is and can be depicted in an image. … Broadly speaking people searching for depicted content are looking for a number of types: Places: cities, towns, villages, streets…

How do you portray someone?

To portray a person is to show who that person is, giving a sense of their personality or character. Often, famous people don’t like how they’re portrayed. For example, Presidents usually hate how they’re portrayed in editorial cartoons. When you portray someone, you can be positive or negative, accurate or inaccurate.

What is another word for experience?

What is another word for experience?knowledgeskillwisdomexpertiseexposurefamiliarityinvolvementproficiencyskillscapability220 more rows

What is the meaning of depict?

Depict, portray, sketch imply a representation of an object or scene by colors or lines, or by words. Depict emphasizes vividness of detail: to depict the confusion of departure.

What does melancholy mean?

adjective. affected with, characterized by, or showing melancholy; mournful; depressed: a melancholy mood. causing melancholy or sadness; saddening: a melancholy occasion. soberly thoughtful; pensive.

What does detested mean?

to feel abhorrence of; hate; dislike intensely.

What resonate means?

to resound or cause to resound; reverberate. (of a mechanical system, electrical circuit, chemical compound, etc) to exhibit or cause to exhibit resonance. (intr often foll by with) to be understood or receive a sympathetic responsethemes which will resonate with voters.

What does depiction mean in literature?

A depiction is a true representation of something, like the depiction of life as a Jewish teenager in hiding during World War II in Anne Frank’s “The Diary of a Young Girl.” The word depiction comes from the Latin word for “painting or description,” depictionem.

What evoke means?

verb (used with object), e·voked, e·vok·ing. to call up or produce (memories, feelings, etc.): to evoke a memory. to elicit or draw forth: His comment evoked protests from the shocked listeners. to call up; cause to appear; summon: to evoke a spirit from the dead.

Do synonyms English?

verbcarry out, undertake, discharge, execute, perpetrate, perform, accomplish, implement, achieve, complete, finish, conclude.bring about, engineer, effect, realize.informal pull off.rare effectuate.

What does depicted mean in a sentence?

Licensed from iStockPhoto. verb. Depict is to describe, show or paint a picture either literally or in words. When a writer describes a scene in vivid detail, this is an example of when he depicts the scene. When a painter paints a picture of a forest, this is an example of when he depicts the forest.

What is visual depiction?

Visual depiction means any image and includes undeveloped film and video tape and data stored on computer disk or by electronic means which is capable of conversion into a visual image or which has been created, adapted, or modified to show an identifiable child engaged in sexually explicit conduct.

What is another word for different?

What is another word for different?diversemiscellaneousdistinctmyriadvariantunlikedistinctivedissimilarall manner ofunalike34 more rows