Question: Is Sharon Alessa Daughter?

Is Silent Hill a true story?

It sounds like the opening of the popular Konami video game series SILENT HILL which was inspired by the town, but for the people of Centralia, Pennsylvania, this is a reality.

The first coal mining operation began in 1856..

Why is Silent Hill cursed?

The name of that town is Silent Hill. Although it is known as a scenic resort area, it is a cursed place where the town’s former inhabitants were once driven away, brutal executions were once carried out, and a mysterious plague was once prevalent.

Are the monsters in Silent Hill real?

At the same time, there is no real canon as to how Silent Hill interacts with people. In SH1, according to the interpretation that makes most sense, The foggy world is created by Dahlia Gillespie and both the dark world and the monster are created by Alessa/Cheryl. … Dahlia is killed and Alessa/Cheryl becomes Heather.

Is Rose dead in Silent Hill?

Rose and Sharon died in the the car accident that sent them to Silent Hill. Rose and Sharon escape the depths of Hell but can not escape Silent Hill because they are dead.

Who was the little girl in Silent Hill?

Jodelle Micah FerlandJodelle Micah Ferland (born October 9, 1994) is a Canadian actress.

What are Silent Hill Monsters?

10 Most Symbolic Silent Hill Monsters10 Pyramid Head.9 Greedy Worm.8 Valtiel.7 Closer.6 Asphyxia.5 Double Head.4 Twin Victims.3 Bubble Head Nurses.More items…•

What is the name of the protagonist in Silent Hill 2?

James SunderlandThe objective of Silent Hill 2 is to guide player character, James Sunderland, through the monster-filled town of Silent Hill as he searches for his deceased wife.

How did Lisa Garland die?

Lisa Garland Lisa is fazed by how Alessa’s wounds never seem to heal and she soon becomes involved with the Order. Lisa dies in the seven years that transpired in Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill, possibly due to overdose of the PTV, but she comes back as a manifestation in Silent Hill.

Who Killed Harry Mason?

Claudia WolfHarry is now 49. He sends Heather out on an errand, which turns out to be the last time he sees her and hears her voice. He is later murdered in his apartment by the “Missionary” creature sent by Claudia Wolf, one of the leading members of “The Order” in revenge for stealing away the reincarnation of their God.

How does the daughter end?

“The Daughter” ends just as it begins—with the sound of gunfire. The duck, alas, is allowed to escape relatively unscathed. The people on the screen, not so much. But somehow what comes close to dissolving into heartbreaking tragedy instead offers the merest whiff of hope for the future.

Why are Rose and Sharon stuck in Silent Hill?

As shown in the sequel, they are still trapped in the silent hill dimension because of the cult, which required Sharon (Now called Heather). And it’s not any new dimension; they are in the same silent hill dimension.

Who was Alessa Gillespie’s father?

LeonardAlessa praying to the Order’s god with Claudia Wolf. Alessa’s only known friend was Claudia Wolf, a girl two years younger than Alessa and who was also forced into the Order by her father, Leonard.

Did the mother and daughter die in Silent Hill?

Answer: All three died in the wreck. This is how they were able to enter the purgatory version of Silent Hill and why Alessa and Rose returned to their own home to find it similarly deserted. Nobody died in the car-wreck.

Who is Valtiel?

Valtiel is a monster in Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill: Revelation, as well as a governing “angel” in the Order of Silent Hill, despite his demonic appearance in Silent Hill 3. His name means “attendant” by way of the French word “valet”; his existence as an angel is derived from suffixing “-el”.

What is the Seal of Metatron?

The Seal of Metatron (also known as the Talisman, Virun VII Crest and Circle Emblem) is a symbolic magical amulet and one of the many items featured in the Silent Hill videogame series including Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill: Downpour.

What happened to Alessa?

After the assault, Christabella convinces her sister Dahlia to have Alessa ‘purified’. Alessa is taken to a secret church hidden in the town hotel, where she is burned alive as a witch.